South Beach’s Top 10 Attractions

Unique and cultural activities, famous landmarks and of course beautiful beach days – what isn’t there to do on South Beach? As the most well-known part of Miami, it truly does live up to the hype with the diversity of options and adventures awaiting you. However, it’s important to note the surrounding areas are definitely worth exploring as well considering South Beach is within close proximity to so many attractions, such as the Wynwood, which is known for its urban vibe and street art, or Hollywood Beach, which is known for its relaxed and laid back atmosphere throughout a two-mile long promenade. Whether you seek a typical tourist experience or to explore from a more local perspective, South Beach is the perfect destination. Below we have listed the top 10 attractions in South Beach and nearby:

#1 Beach Day


Enjoy another sunny day in paradise as you lay back, listen to the waves and work on your tan. From topless tourists to random celebrities that frequent Lummus Park to the nudists on Haulover Beach Park, the view is definitely unlike anything you are used to.

Distance from Strand: Across the street

#2 The Bass Museum


Miami Beach’s contemporary art museum featuring a variety of international exhibitions that vary seasonally and often introduces new artists to the community.

Distance from Strand: (1.3 miles away) 23-minute walk

#3 New World Center

Designed by Frank Gehry, the New World Center serves as a concert hall and distinguished music school, that promotes community engagement with a variety of unique events held monthly.

Distance from Strand: (1 mile away) 18-minute walk

#4 Miami Beach Boardwalk

The boardwalk which begins as a paved walkway 5th street on South Beach, continues from 23rd street to Indian Creek on 46th street. Needless to say this is a great way to get some cardio in, relish in the sights and take in some of Miami’s beautiful landmarks.

Distance from Strand: (2.5 miles away) 40-minute walk or 12-minute drive

#5 Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Miami Beach Botanical Garden 2136

A 2.6 acre, urban oasis furnished with subtropical plants from around the globe with native Floridian plants.

Distance from Strand: (1.3 miles away) 20-minute walk

#6 Surfside

Surfside is Miami’s small beachside community filled with character that stands out for its lack of a nightlife, making this quaint town a relaxed area for sunbathing, shopping and dining.

Distance from Strand: (7.5 miles away) 20-minute drive

#7 Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

A 2.2 mile long pedestrian promenade, with dramatic coastal views of Hollywood Beach with paths for walkers, bikers and joggers to go at their own speed meanwhile enjoying the view. The boardwalk is full of dive bars, stores and restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere for guests to take in the view and enjoy.

Distance from Strand: (17.5 miles away) 45-minute drive

#8 Boat/Sightseeing Tours

Boat/sightseeing tours are amongst the most popular for tourists due to the incredible views. From touring the waterfront mansions and landmarks to high-speed boat tours or dinner tours, your adventure awaits.

Distance from Strand: (5.5 miles away) 20-minute drive

#9 The Wolfsonian

Located merely a few blocks away on 10th and Washington, the Wolfsonian Museum maintains preservation of the Mitchell J. Wolfson collection of decorative propaganda arts featuring over 180,000 objects from 1850-1950 including works in a variety of media.

Distance from Strand: (0.3 mile away) 5-minute walk

#10 Stroll Wynwood

Merely a few minutes away by car, Wynwood has become the spot for locals and tourists to venture out to due to its relaxed, urban atmosphere and vivid, insta-worthy street art amidst a variety of restaurants, galleries and bars.

Distance from Strand: (6.3 miles away) 20-minute drive

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